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Presented below is a series of podcast episodes with Barry discussing New York and New Jersey tax law and estate planning issues.

Understanding Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Attorney Barry Gardiner discusses the differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts and how you can use each for effective estate planning and income tax reduction.

Understanding Estate Planning

Attorney Barry Gardiner discusses various aspects of estate planning, including planning for a business, and the importance of working with an estate planning lawyer.

Understanding Estate and Gift Taxes

Estate planning attorney Barry Gardiner discusses estate and gift taxes, along with ways you can work with a lawyer to help you reduce or avoid taxes on certain assets in certain situations.

Probate in New Jersey

In this podcast, Attorney Barry Gardiner discusses probate in New Jersey and other states, what roles there are of people named in a will, and when and how one might want to attempt to avoid probate.

New Jersey Estate and Inheritance Taxes

In this podcast, attorney Barry Gardiner discusses New Jersey estate taxes and inheritance taxes, and how you may be able to reduce them as much as possible through careful estate planning.

Creative Trusts

Attorney Barry Gardiner discusses different types of creative trusts, including special needs trusts and dynasty trusts, that can help individuals and families better manage their assets according to their unique needs.

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